Value proposition is to boost up your business impact

C-impact Program is an international platform, where experienced consultants from all over the world have joined their forces, bringing together their variety of expertise in consultancy

C-impact program will assign to you a 15+ years experienced consultant who will match your needs and will work with you on 1-on-1 basis

C-impact Program is a 3-months program. You will have an Execution Plan (4 weeks) AND will enjoy ongoing support during your initial execution phase (8 weeks)

An extraordinary offer

We, as C-impact’s experienced consultants from all over the world, have joined our forces to support C-suite young executives with our extensive expertise in business consultancy.

We developed the C-Impact 1-on-1 Consultancy framework by adapting the methodologies we have been using for decades at corporate level to individual level

International Network

C-Impact consultants are located in different parts of the world. We are an international, multicultural and multilingual community.

Executive is:

Younger than before (40-50 age avg.)
A high performer
Proud of successful past track record
Eager for outstanding business results
Effective in predictable environment, finds it difficult to deal with uncertainties
Competent in a given system structure, but unexperienced in designing a new one

1-on-1 strategy consultancy
We understand your urge to perform better and thrive
C-Impact’s 1-on-1 Consultancy is designed for C-Suite Executives so they can manage change and create great business impact.

C-Impact Consultants

We are a group of selected business consultants with various backgrounds and styles yet we all share 3 attributes which we believe that make our approach very effective and efficient.

15 + years of business consultancy experience

Real and effective consultancy requires experience.
You will be assigned to a Senior Consultant and you will receive personalized strategy consultancy service that is equivalent to what our expert consultants have been delivering to corporations.
Experience and expertise will make you: save time, craft a powerful execution plan and ultimately increase effectiveness of your decisions.

Expertise in multiple industries

Diversified practice and knowledge of our consultants will provide you with effective and innovative solutions via cross-sectoral references.

International exposure

Multi cultural experience of our consultants, practiced in large international exposure, qualifies them to help you regardless from how much culturally diverse is your team and how many countries/regions you oversee.




 Health Check will help you see:

How fit you are in strategy execution 

What your interaction style and behavior with your internal / external customer 

What your level of Psychological Capital 


Build your execution plan

You will be able to:

Identify strategic priorities

Clarify critical success factors and assumptions

Prioritize actions and create task forces

Align your team with your strategy


Start executing your plan

Your consultant will provide you with ongoing support during your initial execution phase

Go through smooth transition curve that leads to success with less energy and time

We invite you to C-impact to boost up your performance

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