is 1-on-1 Consultancy
for C-suite Executives

We understand your urge to perform well and be impactful. You are the one in charge and your people depend on you. You have to achieve quick wins and boost up performance in the middle of a global crisis with uncertainties never seen before.

C-Impact’s 1on1 consultancy service supports c-suite executives so they can manage change with agility and create great impact once again in the new normal.

An extraordinary offer

We, as C-Impact’s experienced consultants, joined our forces from around the world to support
c-suite young executives with our extensive expertise in business consultancy.

We developed C-Impact 1on1 Consultancy framework by adapting to individual level the methodologies we have been using for decades at corporate level.

International Network

C-Impact consultants are located in different parts of the world. We are an international, multicultural and multilingual community.

Your Trusted Business Partner

As C-Impact consultants we consider ourselves as your trusted business partner who will;
  • Understand your business dynamics
  • Ask you smart questions
  • Brainstorm with you to innovate new ways
  • Present you useful examples from different industries.




To see how fit you are to drive change. This exercise will erase the process for the consultant. Your consultant will make a Quick Health Check.


Collect Information and Analyse

  • Set the base
  • Clarify the context
  • Identify critical success factors

Your consultant will send you template as a set of questions to collect data in a focused manner.


Construct a linked set of strategic objectives

Make assumption

Set Priorities

Your consultant will provide you strategy mapping template and a first draft set of objectives both financial and non-financials.


Fine tune and finalize your execution plan

  • Prioritize actions
  • Create task forces

Your consultant will guide you

  • Identify objectives
  • Critical success factors
  • Strategic initiatives


Ready to align the team and start executing

Validate the execution plan

Here, we will have a comprehensive plan Brifing to the team is highly recommended.

Go through smooth transition curve that leads to success with less energy and time

We invite you to c-impact to boost up your performance
  • Collect Information and Analyse
  • Construct a linked set of strategic objectives
  • Fine tune and finalize your execution plan
  • Ready to align the team and start executing

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